How to Never Pay Full Price for Toilet Paper Again

Every time you shop, always know that there is a cheaper option for the same product in a different store, either through coupons, promotions, or discounted offers on particular brands. Toilet paper is one of the commonly used commodities on a day-to-day basis. On average, your monthly toilet paper expense may go up to $10. That means with an average cost of about $0.84 per roll, you use up to 11 rolls per month. You will therefore need to source for better deals that will guarantee quality and save you some money. Here are tips that will help you cut your toilet paper expense by up to 70 percent.

Learn to Calculate Prices by Square Footage

Comparing prices across different stores based on the roll size may be misleading and may not get you the actual price difference. Focusing on the square footage guarantees an almost accurate unit cost. The packages come with footage details which you can use to calculate unit price. For a roll pack costing $23.00 with 840 square feet, divide the price by the square feet $23.00/840=$0.027 per square foot.

Never Trust Toilet Paper Roll Size

You may probably not know this, but the size of toilet paper rolls varies in different stores. Mostly the square footage per roll depends on the agreement between the manufacturer and the seller. Different brands standardize their roll size based on their target stores. You will be surprised to find out that a mega pack of Charmin toilet paper rolls varies in size in Target and Amazon.

Print Toilet Paper Coupons Online

It easy to locate toilet paper coupons if you search in the right places. At Coupon Theory, we scan through coupon websites, apps, and the Sunday newspaper to get all available coupons for you to download and print.

Find Your Brand in the Best Store

Different stores offer varying sales deals for different toilet paper brands. Angel soft tissue paper seems to have better deals in most stores with up to $0.50 coupons. There are also monthly coupons on Charmin toilet paper. You can check with Coupon Theory to get notified whenever they are available. You can also find valuable sales promotions in Target, where you save money by buying products of a certain amount.